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 A Summary of One of Our Gay Tantra Workshops
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Spirit Journeys offers gay tantra workshops and gay tantra retreats, as well as gay naked yoga events. The fusion of the powerful and complementary practices of Tantra and Yoga allows you to harness your sexual drive and awaken your Kundalini energy. Once harnessed, this energy is channeled into a dynamic and healing force in your life. The practice of Tantra alone is a very energizing experience, but blending the benefits and principles of yoga with tantra sexual practices transforms all aspects of your life.

In this workshop, you learn the basics of yoga, tantra and breathing practices.  Using a step by step, practical approach, you integrate the essential elements of Tantric sexual techniques. Channeling your erotic energy helps unlock your creativity, transforming your sexual experiences and significantly altering all other aspects of your life. There will plenty of "down time" just to relax and connect with the others in the group.

Participants work with themselves, with the group as a whole, and with randomly chosen partners.  During experiential work, participants conduct personal (and often playful) "experiments" to observe and gain new insights and methods to awaken a deeply satisfying, revolutionary approach to sexual practices.

Join Ray Whetstone in an intensive exploration of the impulses and habits that hold us back, and the powerful energies that will feed our creativity, strengthen our relationships, and connect us to the wider universe. Through naked or nude yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and clothes-free experiential exercises, Ray will provide a safe and fun space for individuals to explore and experiment with their erotic energy.

Always a trail blazer, Ray Whetstone is the founder of the longest running naked yoga class in the country.  He has been featured in local, national and international press for his naked yoga class, in addition to his ordination as an openly gay Elder in the Presbyterian Church and numerous medical mission trips.  Ray brings a unique blend of all of these areas of his life to the yoga mat.  Having studied many different styles of yoga with a diverse array of teachers, Ray has a creative approach to yoga sequencing. He infuses his classes with meditation, visualization and healing, taking any yoga class beyond the simple challenge of asanas/postures.  Ray sees his role not as a yoga teacher but as yoga guide: empowering his students to find their inner voices, inner teachers, and ultimately healing.

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