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Our Calendar of Events

All of our gay travel adventures, tours, vacations, retreats and workshops are designed to
help you move forward in your quest of living life with no limits.

Come with us... Explore the World. Explore your Self.

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Gay Travel Weekend Getaways Workshop - Breathe Free at Last!
Breathe Free at Last!
Tele-Video Conference
July 15, 2014 to July 15, 2014
LGBTQ People and Friends!
A FREE tele-video conference!
Tuesday, July 15, 2014. 8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT Deep Relaxation and Healing. Profound Clarity. Peace of Mind. Overflowing Joy.   These are the extraordinary benefits of therapeutic breathwork! Your own breath is the clearest guide, the most compassionate teacher, and the most wonderful healer you will ever know, and therapeutic breathwork taps into the power of your breath in ways that far surpass that of other breathwork modalities.  In this one hour teleconfernce, you will learn gentle, natural exercises using awareness, toning, movement, touch, and conscious breathing to free your body from tension, your heart from stuck emotion, and your mind from limiting beliefs. Set your breath, and your life, free again!  This is an introduction to Spirit Journeys' retreat weekend, 21.....
Gay Travel Weekend Getaways Workshop - Enlightenment from the Andes
Enlightenment from the Andes!
July 22, 2014 to July 22, 2014
LGBTQ People and Friends
A FREE Tele-Video Conference
Tuesday, July 22, 2014. 8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT Discover the Shamanic Wisdom of the Andes! For thousands of years, long before the rise of the glorious Incan Empire, the people of the Andes have cultivated a deeply loving relationship with the ancient powers of the world, and a profound understanding of human evolution. In this FREE one-hour tele-videoconference, you will be introduced to their teachings and practices for: recovering the gifts of Yanchay (our true purpose), Munay (our unconditional love), and Llankay (our deepest wisdom). freeing our hearts from fear and shame connecting with the spirits of the sacred apus (mountains), Unu (water), Wayra (air) and Nina (fire). .....
Gay Travel Weekend Getaways Workshop - Dreams and Wonders: Understanding the Messages of Spirit
Dreams and Wonders: Understanding the Messages of Spirit
Monday Evenings, September 8, 15, 22, and 29 by phone or web!
September 08, 2014 to September 29, 2014
LGBTQ People and Friends
A Four Week Web-Class
"In our deepest hearts, we know that inside each one of us is a spark of unlimited love and wisdom, hidden beneath the coals of judgment, doubt, and fear -- and we long to rekindle that flame."  Join us for an illuminating, playful, and empowering four-week webinar, devoted to rediscovering our own inner wisdom. If you've ever felt the tremendous, mysterious power of dreams, synchronicities, inner messages, or spirit guides, but had difficulty understanding and using those messages and applying them to your life, this class is for you! During our time together, you will learn how to:  get in touch with, and trust, your own "inner" guidance separate "true" guidance from voices of fear, doubt, and judgment understand dreams and synchronicities easily and intuitively use tools of divination in a way that is clear, empowering, and effective develop your ability.....
Gay Travel Weekend Getaways Workshop - Dreams and Wonders: Understanding the Messages of Spirit
Healing the Wounds of Internalized Homophobia
Monday Evenings, November 24 and December 1, 8, and 15 by phone or web
November 24, 2014 to December 15, 2014
A Four Week Web-Class
Long after we have "come out," many of us live for years with the deep wounds of internalized homophobia, limiting our capacity to love ourselves and others, and to live creative, courageous, authentic lives. Join us for a supportive, healing, and empowering four-week webinar devoted to healing these wounds and recovering our joy! In a loving online community of GBT men, we will: discover the hidden gifts in not fitting it, looking in from the outside, and experiencing oppresion recognize the ways we still fear pleasure, sexuality, and intimacy, and develop ways to explore them. reclaim the power of our masculine and feminine qualities as we explore the ancient archetype of the two-spirit. learn concrete strategies for overcoming doubt, shame, fear, and shoulds. identify the self-sabotaging patterns and compensatory strategies we use to manage pain develop a clear, concrete action plan to change these patterns, and bring true healing to our w.....

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