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Our Journeys are gay travel adventures and are normally 12 to 16 days long. These are not typical gay vacations. Our goal is to "dive below the surface" of ordinary travel, tours or vacations; to give you a chance to experience things that typical tourists never will. Whether it be spending the night with a hill tribe family in Laos, access to temples in Egypt when we are the only people present (except the staff) or walking Machu Picchu after dark, a Spirit Journey will let you experience the world in a way that very few people ever will.

The intention is to maximize your vacation travel experience by helping you to uncover the mystery and magnificence that is inside each of us and in the world around us. Our Journeys can include spending time with local people, working with a Shaman, learning or practicing ancient philosophies. Meditation, Heart Circles, ceremonies and rituals, or just wandering sacred sites in silence are also a few the many things we use as means of enhancing our Journeys. You will never be the same after a Spirit Journey.

At the same time, our Journeys have all the benefits of all gay tours or gay vacations: the chance just to have fun playing in beautiful surroundings, making new friends, sightseeing and relaxing. We set the pace of our Journeys to allow ample free time; time to be adventuresome and explore things on your own, time to sit by the pool or time to go shopping.

You can also check our Retreats Calendar and our Workshops Calendar for other events.

Come with us... Explore the World. Explore your Self.

Gay Vacations Teotihuacan
JOURNEY: The Ancient Toltec Pyramids of Mexico!
Walking the Ancient Toltec Path to Freedom and Joy. SPECIAL BONUS: Participants in this Journey can participate in our Webinar, Awaken the Ecstatic Shaman Within, For FREE!
Where:  Teotihuacan (near Mexico City)
Starts:   July 16, 2015
Ends:     July 21, 2015
Who:     LGBTQ folks and our friends
Early Registration Discount: Register by Friday April 17 to save $100!
Do you long for: the veil of doubt and fear to drop away from your eyes  your heart to suddenly fill with the brilliant sunlight of self-love the return of your innocence, faith, and integrity overflowing peace, joy and gratitude? For thousands of years, pilgrims have gathered in the ancient Toltec Pyramid City of Teotihuacan to experience moments like this, and to learn how to gr.....
Gay Travel Peru Spirit Journeys
JOURNEY: Thanksgiving in The Andes! Peru and Bolivia, 2015
SPECIAL BONUS: Participants in this Journey can participate in our Webinar, Awaken the Ecstatic Shaman Within, For FREE!
Where:  The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Bolivia
Starts:   November 21, 2015
Ends:     December 05, 2015
Who:     LGBTQ People and Friends, Singles and Partners Welcome!
Early Registration Discount: Register by Friday July 24, 2015 and Save $100
Join us for the Thanksgiving Journey of a lifetime! Spirit Journeys and Kontiki Tours are teaming up to offer you a magical exploration of Peru and Bolvia, including the mountain paradise of Machu Picchu and breathtakingly beautiful lake Titicaca. From the cobblestone streets of Cusco, the ancient heart of the Incan empire, to the splendour and bustle of the traditional mar.....
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