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Calendar of All Events

Here you will find all of our Journeys, Retreats and Workshops listed in ascending chronological order. Whether it's a Workshop, a Retreat or a Journey, the goal of all our events is to help you to "step outside your box" and live a more free and joyous life.

Come with us... explore the world, explore your Self.

Gay Travel Weekend Getaways Workshop - The Source of Our Power
Touching Ourselves, Touching God
A FREE Teleconference!
Where:  Teleconference
Starts:   Thursday March 06, 2014
Ends:     Thursday March 06, 2014
Who:     GBT Men!
Early Registration Discount: Free!
Thursday, March 6, 2014. 7:00-8:00 p.m. EST   This FREE sneak peak of our upcoming workshop Touching the Divine in Our Bodies and Lives will share teachings from the mystical traditions of the world that can transform your relationship with your body, your pleasure, and your sexuality profoundly! Thi.....
Gay Travel Weekend Getaways Workshop - Touching the Divine in Our Bodies and Lives
Touching the Divine in Our Bodies and Lives
A Journey to Heaven on Earth!
Where:  Kirkridge Retreat Center - Delaware Water Gap, PA
Starts:   Friday April 11, 2014
Ends:     Sunday April 13, 2014
Who:     Gay and Bi Men, Singles and Partners Welcome!
Early Registration Discount: EXTENDED! Register by March 10 and Save $50!
If you carry shame, doubt, or judgment of yourself, your body, your sexuality, or any part of your life, this workshop has the tools and strategies to free yourself from them! Through touch, breathwork, authentic movement, ceremony and experiential exercises, you will experience the truth taught by all the world's authentic spiritual traditions: You are a holy person. Your body is holy. Your sex is holy. Your desire  and your pleasure are holy. Your heart, your mind, your soul a.....
Gay Travel Weekend Getaways Workshop - Ecstatic Path of the Peaceful Warrior
The Ecstatic Path of the Peaceful Warrior
Change Your Life, Change Your Story!
Where:  Saratoga Springs Retreat Center, Upper Lake, CA
Starts:   Thursday May 08, 2014
Ends:     Sunday May 11, 2014
Who:     Open to All GBT Men on a Spiritual Journey of Transformation!
Early Registration Discount: Early Registration Has Expired!
Spirit Journeys is delighted to introduce you to this wonderful retreat being offered by Flesh and Spirit, a San Francisco-based spiritual community for gay/queer men, that teaches an ecstatic path to Spirit through the body. The Ecstatic Path of the Peaceful Warrior will explore the Peaceful Warrior archetype, which forms the basis of all their work at Flesh and Spirit.  The Peaceful Warrior is someone who is willing know himself and is willing face his fears. The Peaceful Warrior has 5 core qualities: He has the ability to set and expands boundaries......
Gay Vacations & Travel Assisi
Breathing Ecstasy: A Breath Retreat in Assisi, Italy
Exploring the Ecstatic Practices of Saint Francis!
Where:  Assisi, Italy
Starts:   Thursday May 29, 2014
Ends:     Monday June 02, 2014
Who:     LGBTQ People and Friends!
Early Registration Discount: Early Registration has Ended!
Register now -- there are only three spots left in this retreat! Nine hundred years ago, the man known as St. Francis shattered the illusion of separation by emptying himself completely and embracing all of creation. He discovered the ecstatic cosmos -- "heaven on earth" -- that lies just beneath the surface of our lives. Journey to beautiful Assisi, "The City of Peace," to explore the ecstatic practices of Saint Francis, embody his discoveries in your own life though breathwork, and delight in the peace, joy, and extraordinary beauty of one of the most beautiful .....
2013 Gay Vacations Travel Retreats New Mexico
Finding our Tribe: Spirit Journeys 22nd Summer Retreat
Discover the Power of Wholehearted Community!
Where:  Jemez Springs, New Mexico
Starts:   Sunday August 03, 2014
Ends:     Saturday August 09, 2014
Who:     GBT Men, Singles and Partners Welcome!
Early Registration Discount: Register by May 2 and save $100!
Come one. Come all. As we celebrate 22 years of men loving and supporting each other! The Summer Retreat is a chance to really "get away from it all"; to recover from the stresses of daily life and to make new connections with other men, much more so than on an ordinary vacation. There is extraordinary po.....
2013 Gay Vacations Travel Retreats New Mexico
Deep Shamanism Workshop
A Radical Transformation of Our Lives at The Deepest Level!
Where:  Jemez Springs, New Mexico
Starts:   Thursday August 14, 2014
Ends:     Sunday August 17, 2014
Who:     LGBTQ People and Friends, Singles and Partners Welcome!
Early Registration Discount: Register by May 13 and save $50
The Earth is calling ... will you answer? Will you challenge the habits of separation that threaten humanity's survival? Are you ready to open the windows of energetic perception, recieve the guidance and support of ancestral spirits, and reclaim your place in the circle of creation? This is the calling and the challenge of Deep Shamanism. Deep Shamanism isn't just a collection of techniques. It requires no drums or dead anima.....
Gay Travel Weekend Getaways Workshop - Healing Breath Intensive
Healing Breath Intensive
Breathing into Peace, Healing and Ecstasy!
Where:  Kirkridge Retreat Center - Delaware Water Gap, PA
Starts:   Thursday September 25, 2014
Ends:     Sunday September 28, 2014
Who:     GBT Men, Singles and Partners Welcome!
Early Registration Discount: Register by June 27 and Save $50
Deep Relaxation and Healing. Profound Clarity. Peace of Mind. Overflowing Joy. These are the extraordinary benefits of breathwork! Your own breath is the clearest guide, the most compassionate teacher, and the most wonderful healer you will ever know.  In this powerful, practical workshop, you will begin to reclaim the natural organismic breath and harness its power to ground, heal, empower, and set you free!  Healers throughout human history have recognize.....
Gay Travel Weekend Getaways Workshop - The Spiritual Practice of Desire
GaySpiritFriends and SpiritJourneys 2014 European Retreat
Creating Gay Community Across the World!
Where:  Charneux, Belgium
Starts:   Saturday October 04, 2014
Ends:     Friday October 10, 2014
Who:     Gay and Bi Men, Singles and Partners Welcome!
Early Registration Discount: Register by April 30, 2014 and Save 100 Euros
SpiritJourneys is proud to be partnering with GaySpiritFriends in Europe to create a wonderful retreat for gay and bisexual men in the beautiful hills of Charneux, Belgium, reuniting the facilitators from our hit 2012 and 2013 Gay Retreat, Hunter Flournoy from Spirit Journeys in America, David Jelinek from Sacred Gender in Belgium and Danny Arnoldussen from GaySpiritFriends in The Netherlands. The retreat will take place from Saturday October the 4th till Friday October the 10th, 2014. Our week will be dedicated to relaxation, brotherhood, adventure, in depth intimate c.....
Gay Travel Peru Spirit Journeys
The Wonders of Peru and Bolivia, 2014
LGBTQ People and Friends, Singles and Partners Welcome!
Where:  The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Bolivia
Starts:   Saturday November 01, 2014
Ends:     Saturday November 15, 2014
Early Registration Discount: Register by May 1, 2014 and Save $100
Join us for the Journey of a lifetime! Spirit Journeys, Journey Different, and Kontiki Tours are teaming up to offer you a magical exploration of Peru and Bolvia, including the mountain paradise of Machu Picchu and breathtakingly beautiful lake Titicaca. From the cobblestone streets of Cusco, the ancient heart of the Incan empire, to the splendour and bustle of the traditional market at Pisac; from the towering peaks of the And.....
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